Monday, November 26, 2012


For this weeks Pinterest project I made 2 different Christmas ornaments. The first ornament I made was a little stuffed felt owl. I bought about 10 different colors of felt and have just been playing around with the color combinations. They aren't very hard to make and are so stinking cute.

The next ornament that I made was a snowman ornament made out of a clear glass ball ornament filled with marshmallows. In the instructions said to use big marshmallows but I found some little tiny ones and thought they looked better. I used paint for the nose and little tiny buttons for the eyes and mouth. It took about 20 minutes, if that, to make. 

Thursday, November 22, 2012


This Thanksgiving I got to spend a little time with both sides of my family. I did alot of traveling on my own and didn't get lost, pulled over, or hit any deer!! I first visited my Grandma and Aunt Wednesday afternoon then spent the night in Iowa with my cousins who I haven't seen since May. Finally for Thanksgiving day I drove to some other cousins from Missouri for the big meal. The food was great and a good time was had by all!


Monday, November 19, 2012

Tis the Season!

Here are some of the Christmas projects that I have been working on the past week. The Christmas Tree, Santa Wreath and candle holder were inspired from Pinterest and are what I've been working on for the news paper. It was fun to actually make something that I pin on Pinterest most of the time they just get pinned and that's it.

Last week for my college speech class I had to give a process speech which is basically a demonstration. I did flower arranging. It was something I've always enjoyed and had done several times for 4H and for fun so it was a really easy topic to do.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Cows, Crafts, and Charlotte's Web

Yesterday started out with my dad and I and our corgi duke loading our little herd of cattle to the vet for their annual preg check and vaccinations. Now some info on our little herd, it consists of 1 normal size crossbred Angus cow (bought to be a girlfriend to our bull after selling all his women last December), her 9 month old little heifer calf, 1 lowline cow and her 6 month old bull calf, 1 lowline heifer, and a lowline bull. Now the lowline cattle are basically a smaller version of the normal Angus cattle. A mature cow will be only 650-950lbs while a mature bull will weigh 950-1100lbs. They are easy calving, docile, and are very feed efficient. They are perfect for someone with a small acreage that can’t hold very many large cattle. We ended up having 2 out of the 3 girls bred and one very unhappy little bull calf. While we were there he got his tattoo put in his ear and let’s just say he didn’t take it well.
"Normal Sized" Cow (mom to the one below)
Little Heifer Getting vaccinations

When I got done with the vet my mom and I went to a couple craft stores to do some shopping for some of my current projects. I was asked earlier this week to do a project, with our local newspaper, about using the website Pinterest to help with Christmas. Over the next 5 weeks I will be trying out different craft projects and recipes and writing up a little report on if they turned out or if they were duds. I’m kind of excited to do it because it is really getting me in the Christmas mood. The first week is Christmas decorations. I have already made this candle holder and I plan on making a Christmas tree out of a tomato cage and a wreath that looks like Santa’s Beard. So it should be interesting to see if they turn out the way they are supposed to.

I ended the day by going to a dinner theater at my old high school and watch my sister and her drama club’s production of Charlotte’s Web. They did a great job. Then I had to go to work. (I work from 10 p.m. - 6 a.m. at a nursing home not too far from my house). All in all it was a pretty fun and successful day but I feel I could sleep for a whole month straight.
The Sheep, the Goose, Wilbur, Templeton, and Charlotte
The Whole Cast


Thursday, November 15, 2012


Hello everyone, for those of you who read this that don't know me my name is Erin Mullins and I live on a small farm in northwest Missouri. I am a very old soul who was born 200 years too late. I love history and learning about the way people lived back in the "good ole days" and wishing I could have lived there myself. I have many hobbies and interests that fall into a wide range of categories. I love beekeeping, the rodeo/ranching lifestyle, farm animals, cooking, crafting, reading, listening t0 many types of music, being an advocate for agriculture, and many other things that I’m sure will come up in my posts. I may not have the most interesting life yet but you can bet that I’m sure trying to make one that is! I am a girl with many many dreams and goals for my life. Some are rather weird and unique but they really do map out who I want to be.

The reasons I’m doing this blog are first for my friends and family to keep up with what is going on in my life, second an opportunity for other people to have a chance to learn about things they don't know about through my posts, and the third and final reason is to have a place where I write about joys I’m having on a particular day or to vent on what things are troubling me. I don't know if many people will end up reading this but oh well I’m not here to become famous it's just something I’ve always wanted to do. I follow a few bloggers who really have some inspirational posts that really get a person to thinking and If i can inspire someone or spark an interest to something new that’s wonderful. Please feel free to let me know if you like what I’m saying by commenting because that lets me know that someone is actually reading my blog. Or if you have questions please feel free to ask and I will answer as best as I can! Bare with me for a while while I learn the ropes on this blogging thing. I am super excited to start this new adventure and I hope you enjoy it!