Friday, February 6, 2015

Random Thoughts

Right now as I'm writing this i'm sitting at a desk in a hotel in the middle of St. Louis. My stuff is strung all over the room, a random movie is playing, and happy thoughts are running through my mind. I should be sleeping since I have an early start and a long day ahead of me but i'm to excited to sleep! I think travel does that to a person. On this trip, like many recently, i'm by myself. I have come to learn that traveling by myself is actually pretty great. Sure it's always nice to share your experiences with someone but hey that's what FB is for. I find that I can travel at my own pace. I don't have to worry if the people i'm with are bored with the random things that i'm interested in. I can take a random road in the middle of nowhere and no one's there questioning my motives! Today I traveled to a small town that sits right along the Missouri River. It's the cutest little town that really transforms you to a different place. The town is full of colonial style brick buildings, is surrounded by farms with beautiful old farm houses and barns, and is set upon some beautiful bluffs. They have done an amazing job of preserving the buildings and preserving the towns history. I got to explore the shops and try some amazing food. One of my favorite moments of today was when I walked into this antique store that was in an old building. The moment I stepped into the building and my boots hit the hardwood floor, I was instantly transported about 200 years back. The floors creaked and made a beautiful song as I walked around the store. It's like it was telling me its story and about all the people who have walked upon it. But hey you're probably thinking i'm crazy but I love old things. I'll tell you this you can't walk through Walmart and feel that kind of connection! Anyway enough for tonight I had really better get to bed. One last thought if your up for an interesting route of travel try highway 94 from Jeff City, MO to Hermann, MO. I saw bluffs, flat cropland, beautiful farms, free range goats, a random outhouse along the road, and enough curves and hills to almost make me sick! On that note Good Night!!