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I love to read!!! I honestly read about 2-3 books per week sometimes. I love it that much!! I have always loved connecting with fictional characters, places, and times. If I'm ever going through a rough patch I pick up a book and just get lost in it. Most of the books I read are historical romance type books or science fiction type books with vampires, witches, and werewolves. Polar opposites but that's the stuff that interests me. I thought I would share with you some of my favorite books and series are. This is not the complete list I will be adding to it over time. I have read tons of books so it will take a while but I thought I would give you a taste of some of my most recent reads.
I first got the idea from Kelsey over at Keeping Up With Kelsey. She has a Book Club on her blog where she does something like this. Then I saw that  Robyn at The Ranch Wife Chronicles and Breanna from Sweet Silver Lining also had this on their blogs!  I thought it was a great idea that fit me so well.
I hope you check some of these books out and please feel free to share with me a favorite book of yours. My reading list can never be too long.
(All of my pictures will be sourced from either Amazon or Barnes and Noble websites or will be otherwise stated.)

Land of the Lone Star Series: By Tracie Peterson- This series is set in post Civil War Texas. Each book follows the love stories of 3 young women who in the end of the series end up together and connected. It contains love, hardships, ranching, war, bad guys, friendship, and faith. 

 Striking a Match (Series): By Tracie Peterson- This series is another post Civil War series based in Texas. Each of these books is based around one family the Vandermarks who run a logging company. It features love, runaway brides, jealous ex-fianc├ęs, logging, faith, family, and a woman doctor.  
Home to Blessing (Series): By Lauraine Snelling- This series is a series of hers that takes place in Blessing North Dakota. There are a couple of other series that take place with the same characters and setting before this series takes place but I just jumped right in the middle of it. This series follows Astrid a young woman who has trained under her sister in-law and then in Chicago to become a doctor. If you love anything medical it is a great historical aspect of the medical field. It contains medicine, love, faith, Indians, music, and family. 
Beautiful Creatures (series): By Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl- This is probably one of my top favorite series. I had owned the first book to this series before the movie came out not to long ago but I never actually read it. I decided that I wanted to read the series before I ever went and saw the movie because the books are always way better. Well I actually haven't got to watch the movie yet but the books were amazing and I'm glad I read them. It takes place in modern Georgia. It contains casters (like witches), incubuses, love, deep south history, civil war history, voodoo, magic, ghosts, books, high school drama, family, and crazy PTA moms. HIGHLY RECOMEND!!

The Diary of a Farmer's Wife- By Anne Hughes- This book is the real journal of a woman who lived in England in 1796. It is so amazing to hear about her and her husbands day to day life on a farm from way back in the 1700's. She also shares some amazing recipes with some interesting measurements that I will defiantly try someday. If you love history and farm life this is the book for you!

Daughters of Blessing- By: Lauraine Snelling

A Promise for Ellie- This is the first book of the series and so far the series started off great! It takes place in Blessing South Dakota before  the other series that I read (Home to Blessing Series). It follows Andrew and Ellie as they are on the path to getting married. They have known they were going to marry each other for about their whole lives. But as the years go by many obstacles come in their way and they have to over come them. It's got love, tragedy, faith, family, friendship, and many struggles.  
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Love Finds you in Poetry Texas
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