Monday, January 21, 2013

My Busy Week

Last Monday I officially started my second semester of college. It's exciting because with the classes I take this semester I will only have 1 more prerequisite class until I can officially start nursing school!!! The classes I'm taking this semester are Human Anatomy, Microbiology, General Sociology, and National Government. Last semester I had 2 in class and two online but this time around all four are online which has kind of made me a little nervous. But now that I'm a week into them I am a little more relaxed and will just take them as they come. I'm ready to get them over and start LPN school hopefully next fall then I can be a "real" nurse :)

A little update on the fitness thing. We went and weighed in last Tuesday for our Lean Mean 2013 challenge and I lost 4 pounds in 1 week!!! I was really happy with that. My other team members did just as well or better and we ended up 3rd place as a team in points. The weather last week was so beautiful that I walked outside again almost every day. One day I was walking just before dark and walked almost 3 miles. When I got into the house the coyotes started to howl and one sounded like it was literally in our backyard. Well a couple days later I went out during the day and my mom told me at least you won't run into any coyotes. WELL..... I got about a half a mile away and guess what goes running across the road. A mama coyote and 2 little pups! After I saw the pups I was too excited to get to see them that I put the fear of getting eaten away in the back of my mind. We go back tomorrow to weigh in and check our progress for this week.

On a totally different subject. Last night at work the charge nurse said that the evening shift girls were cleaning each others rings with toothpaste to make them shine. I was a little skeptical of this so I tried it out. All I did was take generic toothpaste we had at work and a tooth brush and scrubbed my Montana Silversmiths Buckle Ring and then rinsed it off with water. All I can say is WOW!!! It really worked. The little "diamonds" in my ring really sparkled and shined. They said that they got the idea from Pinterest. That site amazes me sometimes. You can find the most interesting and genius ideas there. If I'm ever bored on the computer I just go and scroll through Pinterest to pass the time.  You will see, if you go to my page, the 4000 plus amazing pins I've pinned. Yes I said 4000 pins. I really do love that site.

Nothing else real exciting happened this week but I will hopefully have some more good news after tomorrows weigh in!!!


  1. We've been using the toothpaste trick for a while - it really puts a shine back on things! Congrats losing 4lbs!!!

  2. Good luck with your courses, I despised microbiology but my husband loved it so maybe I'm just the weird one! Sociology was one of my favorite classes, very interesting but I still don't know what people actually do when they have a major in it...keep up the good work and congrats to your team!

    1. Thanks Amanda! I'm with you on microbiology. That type of stuff has never really interested me. But my sociology class I am looking forward to It seems real interesting. The teacher lives on a cattle ranch so how bad could he be :)