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A Walk Down the Dirt Road with....Suzi from Chores and Chandeliers

This week for A Walk Down the Dirt Road I asked my friend and fellow blogger Suzi from Chores and Chandeliers. I first came across her blog through her post she did about having a Chandelier in her barn. I knew from that moment on I would love following her blog! She is a very talented artist and photographer with so many wonderful ideas. If you don't already you need to follow her blog!! 

Thank you Suzi for going this guest post! If you would like to do a feature I would love to have you on! Just shoot me an email at 


Tell us a little about yourself:
Hello I am Suzi,  I blog over at Chores and Chandeliers.
I am a busy mom who always has a project (or 2) going at a time.  I am a mother to 2 beautiful redheaded cowgirls and one handsome cowboy. I am happily married to a very talented man. Without him many of my projects would not be nearly as impressive.  I am a Christian!  I am currently a substitute teacher.  My degree is actually in Art Education but for now I am a substitute. I’m an artist, accessory junky, animal lover, free spirit and a dreamer.   I love to remodel, refinish, cook, paint, sew, shop, decorate and redecorate.  I'm not afraid to get my hands dirty.  I am a kid at heart (and never plan to grow up).   I keep my camera at an arm’s reach at all times.  I'm addicted to cowboy boots and the color turquoise.  My home is filled with hand-me-downs and garage sale finds.  I have an eclectic style.....If it makes me happy, it goes in my house!  I live down a dusty dirt road in the center of Nebraska.  I attempt to make country life fabulous.  Not going lie, chores are not always fun, but if I can make them look “Farm Fabulous” it sure does help.  I am probably one of the most random people you will ever meet.  My blog reflects that....

Why did you start your blog and how did you come to name it?
I started my blog to show off some on my DIY projects and to share some of my thoughts.  I have no idea if anyone would follow but I didn't care.  I've been blogging for less than a year.

Well I made a list of like 20 names; I finally decided Chores and Chandelier fit me well.  Why does it fit me???  Well, I love to do chores, be with the animals, get my hands dirty on the farm, and dig into yard work.  I’m not afraid of hard work…..I actually REALLY enjoy it!!!!  I love the feeling of accomplishment after finishing a hard day of work.  I also love getting fixed up and heading out for supper after that hard day’s work.  This is where the chandeliers come into play.  I enjoy getting all dolled up!!!!!!  I’m a girly girl too.  I love makeup, hair, fashion, style.  But, I DON’T ALWAYS LOOK GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I also like my place {Inside and Outdoors} to look good!   I'm always doing a project inside the house or outside on the farm.

I love the juxtaposition of Chores and Chandeliers.
I think it fits me well, for instance…..

I have chickens but the coop has pillars, shutters, and a wreath

My smelly horse barn has a red chandelier

I LOVE Jewelry and it is displayed on an old screen door.
(it looks so bare in this photo compared to now *blush*)

I have old beat up wood floors, but I painted them with a chevron stripe!

Talk about your hobbies (photography, remodeling, etc.)
 I always have a couple projects going.  I don’t have any rules with my projects or photography.  I just do it.  I do what I like and what makes me happy.  I actually just made a quick link page on my blog with all my DIY projects I've done.  Check it out HERE

What makes Nebraska a great place to live?
4 DIFFERENT seasons:  I like variety and you definitely find it in Nebraska. We have EVERY extreme here.   I look forward to each upcoming season!

Huskers:  I Love Baseball season and the Ladies Volleyball Team!  But there is NOTHING comparable to a Husker Football Game!  The tunnel walk gives me chills EVERY TIME!!!!

Good morals and values:  Nebraska is far from perfect but I do appreciate that as a state we have good strong morals and values (especially in rural areas).

How “small” Nebraska is:  Ok, it is not really small but it feels small.  You can’t go anywhere in the state without running into someone you know, they know someone from your family, are related to and old college roommate, best friend use to date someone from your hometown, etc :)

Talk about the farm/ranch that you live on.
 We live only about 6 miles out of town {a small town in central Nebraska}.  We have no farm ground only pasture land.  We have cows, horse, pigs, chickens, cats, and a new pup.  I have a nice garden but plan on making it Larger next year.  {Every year it has grown in size}  We have lived here for almost 3 years. I LOVE living out here!!!!!  I cannot imagine living in town again.  I love raising the kiddos out here. 

Were you in 4H or FFA growing up, if you were what all were you involved in?
 Did 4H.  I LOVED IT!!!!  I started showing bucket calves and worked my way up.  I have shown a variety of animals over the years; cattle, goats, rabbits, horses { I think that’s it}.  I also did other areas of 4H like cooking, photography, first aid, etc.  I think it is an amazing program and great for all kids,  not just farm kids!!!  I can’t wait for my girls to be old enough to do 4H.

I did not do FFA.  I am the only one of my siblings not too.  I’m not really sure how {why} I didn’t do it!!!  But my only excuse is I was in a ton of art classes and I never took much for Ag classes in school so somehow I just never joined FFA.

A fun fact is I thought I wanted to be a bull rider when I was younger!  When I was in 3rd grade we had to pick a career of what we wanted to be when we grew up.  I REALLY wanted to say “bull Rider” but I knew the girls would laugh.  So I said “teacher” knowing that I WAS NEVER GOING TO BE A TEACHER!  HaHa, Guess what I am now???  A teacher!  Anyway I started out ridding calves at Jr Rodeos  and worked up.  The last time I rode {middle school} I tied for 1st with boy {he was not impressed by sharing with a girl}.

Where is the coolest place you've ever visited?
Well to be honest I have not visited many places!!!!  I’m pretty boring on this area.  {sorry}

What are some of your favorite blogs to follow?
YOURS!!!  :)  and….
There are lots more but I really enjoy these.

What is the best advice you have ever received?
The best advice I received was when I was getting married.  I was trying to plan everything and a woman told me,
Don’t stress over the wedding.  It is only a DAY.  Your marriage is the REST OF YOUR LIFE! It really helped to keep me in check.

If money were no option what would be your dream vacation?
Well….. I have never seen the ocean!  REALLY!!!  So anywhere warm next to the ocean.

Thank you Erin for featuring me this week!!!!!

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  1. Great post Erin. I headed over to Suzi's blog. Loved it and will now follow it! Thank you.