Monday, August 5, 2013

Sidney, Iowa Rodeo 2013

Tuesday night and Saturday night I got to go to the Sidney Championship Rodeo in Sidney Iowa. For me it is the closest PRCA rodeo around so the past couple years I've tried to go. This year I went because I wanted to cheer on my blogger friend Amanda from The Barstow's: Our Little House on the West Texas Prairie, her husband Wyatt. It turned out being a great night and we got to see him win the round!!! 

Wyatt's Ride (Ignore the loud screaming!)

During the intermission my friend and sister and I ran into Wyatt and got to talk for a few minutes and I got a picture taken with him. To follow Wyatt along the rodeo road go to Facebook and like his page. 

The rest of the rodeo was great. We had beautiful weather both nights we attended. The rodeo was produced by the Cervi Championship Rodeo Company out of Colorado and they do such a great job of producing their rodeos. Next Friday my friend and I will be out in Colorado and we are planning on going to another rodeo that they produce. It's going to be a blast!
You can also follow the Cervi's and see if they will be at a rodeo near you at the link below.

 Below are some other pictures I snapped during the rodeo.

Pick up men L-Will O'Connell R- Chase Cervi

Announcer and Clown


Score board leaders after the end of round 1 

John Payne the One armed bandit. He lost his arm and can still ride and rides around the arena without holding the reins with his good hand. He also put the buffalo on the trailer and rides his horse up there. Pretty amazing guy!

The clown

Bull fighters Cory Wall and Andy Burelle

Bull fighter Cory Wall

Bull riding scores after round 1 the winner Austin Meier is a PBR rider who I've met a couple different times.

The pick up men doing their thing

Chase Cervi

These 2 guys are friends from a town close to me. Jake the one on the left rides saddle broncs. He started out great but got bucked off. 

This is Bill Huber. He is a calf roper from the town close to where my moms from.

John Payne on night 2. 

The announcer and pickup men

This is JW Harris. If you follow PRCA he is the number 1 ranked bull rider in the PRCA right now. He has won multiple championships. 


  1. Great photos. Looks like lotsa big names there. OMG John Payne! That is AWESOME! That musta been really cool too see.

    1. Thanks!! It was so great to see!! As a big PRCA follower its always awesome to see the big names. John Payne was awesome too! It's been years since I've seen him perform.

  2. Super cool & great photos too!

  3. I live in Sidney,Iowa and have been to that rodeo every year of my 58 years.There is no better town to live in if you love rodeo.