Thursday, October 16, 2014

What Fall Means to Me

It's that time of year again. Fall!! You know that season that stores often forget as we transition from summer to Christmas!! 2 weeks ago I already saw Christmas stuff in stores. Can't we just wait a minute and take in all the beautiful perks of FALL!!! Here are a few pictures I've taken that describe what Fall means to me. 

The Food!! Pies, turkey, pumpkin, jams and jellies from harvested fruits, potatoes and noodles, and lots of colorful goodies!


Honey! For us honey harvest begins at the end of summer very beginning of fall. This is where we extract the honey that the bees have been working all summer to make. This also means bottling and selling and making all sorts of goodies with the honey. 

The scenery! I am blessed to live in a place surrounded by corn and bean fields and lots of trees that turn all sorts of beautiful golden browns, oranges, and yellow. 

 Hunting and trapping season. I have never been hunting but have done some light trapping (coons and mice mostly) but love both of them!! Learning about them and hearing stories from trappers and hunters is always a high light.

Oh and something that I never thought i'd say in my life time but BASEBALL!!!!! Incase you haven't heard the KANSAS CITY ROYALS are going to the WORLD SERIES!!!!! It has been great watching them excel in post season play!! My very first and only MLB game was in Kansas City and they were playing the Baltimore Oreiols. It was a great experience my dad caught a ball and I caught a t-shirt. It was a great experience and i'm so happy they are doing so well! 

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  1. Look at all those deer! Also, this post gives me a craving for some homemade noodles, my grandma used to make the best noodles!