Saturday, January 3, 2015

Christmas in the Country Gift Reveal

First off I want to say thank you to Laurie, Jamie and Robyn for letting me be involved with the behind the scenes stuff for this years Christmas in the Country!! I had a blast and I think we were very successful! We had almost 70 people participate from all over the United States and Canada! I can't wait to see what we can do for next year!!

Last year I got a package from North Dakota you can read about it HERE. I got to send my package to Heather from Double H Photography. She was really fun to shop for!! I hope she enjoyed her gifts.

 This year my package came from Virginia! I got home one afternoon and had a package sitting on my front steps! I was excited to see who my package was coming from.

My package came from Jan Thomas who blogs over at the Tip Garden and The Frugal Pantry

Inside was a letter from Jan telling me who she was and about the items in the box. Here is what I received!! 

Inside was a beautiful and soft scarf, an apron and a pair of socks.

Some post cards and a magnate from Virginia! I collect both so I was thrilled to see them. 

Some honey roasted peanuts combining my love of bees and me being the honey queen and something from her state. 

Some homemade drink mixes that she made.

Some cinnamon apple candy that was made locally and that was soooo delicious and I'm really sad that I ate all of. I'm gonna have to look them up and get a case sent to me they were that good!! 

Finally a planner another thing that I didn't mention I liked in my info that got sent to her but is perfect!! I love planners and organizers and purple too! 

I was so excited and happy to receive my package and to make friends with Jan!

Thank You to everyone who participated this year and made it great! I hope that you too were able to connect with new bloggers and make new friends. Be sure to link up with us at the bottom of the page so everyone can read about what you received!!


  1. Glad you liked it, and i had fun.getting to know you!

  2. Erin,
    Wow what a fun box of goodies! The apron really catches my attention as I use and love them.

    You did a great job "behind the scenes" of the gift exchange. Thanks for the extra effort your put forth to make this a successful activity.

  3. What a wonderful box of goodies. I truly enjoyed my first year with this exchange and look forward to meeting others. I also am excited to see what was in all those boxes making their way across two countries.Thank you for hosting. B

  4. That apron is perfect for you with all your baking! Jan did a great job!

  5. I have an apron addiction and that one is GORGEOUS!! I love all the ruffles!

  6. That scarf looks warm.
    Thank you for hosting this. It was fun, I'm glad I participated.

  7. Thank you Erin for all that you did to make this such a great exchange this year! It was great working with you, Jamie and Robyn.

    Jan did a great job finding some great things from Virginia!