Friday, March 22, 2013

Favorite Finds Friday!

As you will see in other posts I love Pinterest!!! I have close to 5,000 pins including recipes, cool pictures, inspiring people, quotes etc. I saw on another bloggers blog (Ashley from Horseshoes & Pearls -go Check her page out!) that she does a weekly post on what she finds on Pinterest. So I thought I would do something similar to that of some of my favorite pins that I've already pinned and some new finds. If you don't follow me on Pinterest you should and you can do that Here!
Here are this weeks Pins! Please let me know with a comment if you like this idea or not!
Something to Eat
This looks really tasty and pretty easy!
Pesto Chicken
Photo Credit/ Recipe: 
A Pictures Worth a Thousand Words
I thought this picture was truly amazing!!
Photo Credit: National Geographic
I've Got to Have It!
I love to cook and I will try and have the craziest color of Kitchen Aid mixer I can possibly find!!!
Photo Credit: Kitchen Aid
Inspiring People
Lately I have been in LOVE with Patti Page's music! I made a station just of her on Pandora and now have really enjoyed listening to her and Doris Day and Frank Sinatra. I know I never thought I would say that but their music is really amazing! 
Photo Credit: Patti Page
Here is my favorite song of hers The Tennessee Waltz Please Listen!
Video From :You Tube
Something Funny
I just love this and hope you do to!
Places to Go
Someday I will go or maybe live in Alaska it will happen! Something about that state just calls my name. The beauty and wilderness is just so amazing to me.
If you enjoyed this Let me know! I want to post things that people enjoy reading!!


  1. Replies
    1. I'm glad you liked it! It was kind of fun to go through all my pins. I think i'll keep doing something like it!

  2. Yum! I want to try that now!

    1. You'll have to let me know if you do!!

  3. Erin,
    Post what you like, share ideas that you think are good and fun!

    The National Geographic picture is stunning. We got a Kitchen Aid Mixer as a wedding gift. They are awesome.

    Hope you have a great weekend.


    1. You are so right! I need to quit trying and just do what I like!! Thank you!!

  4. I love your a picture's worth a thousand words board! Probably sounds creepy but if I could choose to be anywhere it would be somewhere right before a thunderstorm- favorite feeling ever :)

    1. ME TOO! I love how dark and kind of scary it gets and then when the rain lets go and just pours is AWESOME! At one point in my life I thought it would be awesome to be a meterologist and chase storms.