Monday, September 2, 2013

Labor Day

Today for Labor Day I spent it with some good friends of mine who are practically family. We spent the day shooting stuff. Yep that's what a bunch of Missouri rednecks do to have fun :) We did mostly trap shooting but some of the boys broke out the pistols. I have gotten to trap shoot a few time and have become pretty good but still miss several. On the other hand I have never shot a pistol so since I had the chance I took it. I wasn't that great shooting it but hey I'll learn. Between about 10 of us we shot about 600 clay pigeons or blue rock. I don't know how many cases of shells we went through but we had a big box full of empty ones. For most of the shooting we stood in line of the thrower and could see where it was heading but towards the end we moved up about 50 feet so that the thrower was throwing the pigeons above us and we had no idea where it they were going. That kind of switched it up and made it interesting. We actually did pretty good shooting that way. The people running the thrower even tried to move it around which really threw us off. We had a nice lunch outside and just enjoyed this beautiful day. I got a pretty good tan and a whopper of a bruise on my arm and a sore shoulder. Here are some pictures I took.



Stuart- Love this shot because I got the empty cartridge coming out.  



Me again- you can see the smoke coming out of my gun. 


Jake and Kristin

I love this shot It turned out really unique 

Just a small portion of the shells. 

So this thrower is automatic and has a petal that u push. Well the battery that came with it wasn't charged. So what do we do hook it strait up to a truck :) Redneck ingenuity. 

This is Bob and if you can't tell he has one good arm and an arm cut off right above the elbow. He is a master trapper, hunter, and fisherman and very handy with a gun!! He's pretty awesome! 


This is Charlie. He did pretty good while we shot but spent most of the time in the house or under the trucks. 

Cool picture of one of Bobs tractors over looking the lake in their pasture. 

This is an old building on their property that's really neat. I got some of my senior pictures taken in front of it. 

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