Saturday, September 14, 2013

My Take on Fall

So I've noticed several people talking about their favorite things about fall in a blog post. It is probably my favorite season for several reasons and I'll share them with you all!

The Weather: Yesterday we had an absolutely beautiful day. It was cool in the morning and didn't get to warm all day. I love the brisk mornings that aren't miserably cold but just a little kick to wake you up. It also really entices a person to be outside more.

FOOTBALL!!! For many years I've been an avid football fan. We use to have season tickets to our hometown college and I've loved the game for as long as I can remember. I like college football the best. I'm kind of a team jumper but some teams I cheer for are: Mizzou (of course), Northwest Missouri State Bearcats (our local college), LSU (have to have a team in there that does well), and then who ever plays against Nebraska :) The story with why I dislike Nebraska is that once long ago in elementary school I made a bet with one of my teachers about a Mizzou, Nebraska game and I lost. I bet Mizzou would win but they didn't. SO for losing the bet I had to wear a Nebraska shirt to school one day. Worst day of my life :) It's just the simple rivalry with them being so close and I've had several teachers over the years who have rooted for them.

Halloween!! I kind of love Halloween. I love the colors the most for some odd reason. The lime green, purple, orange, and blacks all together. Just tickles my fancy!! Halloween was always fun with us since we live in a college town you got to go trick or treating to the dorms and the college kids gave the best and most candy of all time!! It's just a magical holiday! Some of the things I dressed up as over the year were Cowboy (several times), Indian, cheerleader (please don't hold it against me), Trent Green (old chiefs QB), hillbilly, doctor, a puzzle piece, witch (several times), and matching dairy cows with my sister LOL.

Nature. The fall is such an amazing time when the leaves change to the beautiful warm colors, the corn is drying and ready for harvest and the deer are moving around. I love going out in the woods and watch the deer move. Where we live is along a creek with timber surrounding us on 3 sides. We have a herd about every year moves up and down it almost every night. We always get a glimpse of a big buck or two. I'm excited to have my nice camera now to take pictures of the beautiful scenery and I can't wait to share with you the beauty from my neck of the woods.

How heavenly would this be! Beautiful scenery, cool weather, a blanket, a cup of coffee, and a great book. DREAM SPOT!!!

Food: When I think of fall I think of warm comfort foods. During the fall we have both Thanksgiving and our churches Lord's Acre. Both feature turkey, mashed potatoes and noodles, homemade pies, and salads. Can't get any better than that! Other favorite foods include soups, candy corn, hot chocolate, popcorn balls, anything pumpkin.

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  1. In our neck of the woods (Northern California)it is the salmon running in the river outside the front door, colors changing, more enjoyable Golf weather, and the anticipation of the winter long nights, so well adapted to writing and production