Sunday, December 8, 2013

Week 1 of Photo a Day for December

Day 1: My View of the Day
This is of the alter in my church. We had our hanging of the greens ceremony and lighting of the first advent candle. I've been going to this church for all 20 years of my life. I even was baby Jesus when I was just 3 months old.
Day 2: Favorite Holiday Movie
This is by far my favorite Holiday movie!! I try to watch it every year if it's on. Probably the main reason I love this movie is because one of the women lives in an English cottage in England. It is the cutest little house and looks so cozy and awesome!!
Day 3: Red
Since it was back number night at the NFR I had to post this pic for Red!!
Day 4: Joyous

This autograph was the first "Cowboy" autograph I had ever gotten! It is an autograph from Wade Sundell a saddle bronc rider. I had asked my Art teacher to get his autograph when she was in Vegas. I never thought she would get it but when she came back to school she gave me this and I about died!! It was one of the most joyous days of my life!! On a side note...Wade won round 3 at the NFR yesterday!!!
Day 5: Today's Temperature

You can barely see it but it was a brisk 16 degrees that morning. The next day I think it was -1.
Day 6: Shopping
Well this isn't shopping but it was cold that day and I didn't want to go out so I stayed in and watched one of my favorite movies!! I did however get this on my trip to Wyoming. My friend and I stopped in North Platte Nebraska for a break and went shopping at Goodwill. I got lots of cheep stuff there!
Day 7: Bright
This was the sunset Saturday night. It was so pretty.


  1. Love it! I need to do this... but don't know that it will happen tonight!

  2. I love this too! What a great idea to do the month of December. Will be waiting for next weeks pictures. :)