Tuesday, December 31, 2013

What a year!! 2013 in Review

Wow what a year!!! I still can't believe that it's the last day of the year the time just flew this year and I'm not sure that I like that! Yes for school I want the time to fly but for everything else I'd love for it to slow down a little bit! So here are a few highlights of what happened in my life during 2013!

My sister graduated from High School

Got Accepted in Nursing school!!!! 

My Cousin Got Married

I retired from Showing livestock

Met fellow blogger Laurie Link!!!!

Went to several rodeos in 3 different States

Visited 3 new states!!

Got Crowned the 2014 Missouri Honey princess

Received my American FFA degree in Louisville, KY

Northwest was 2013 Division 2 National Champions

Got a picture published in a Magazine!!!!!! (little one)

There were so many other great things and exciting moments that happened this year but I didn't want to tell you my whole life story!! I hope everyone has a great last day of the year and a wonderful start to 2014!!

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