Thursday, June 13, 2013

What Makes Me Happy


The past few weeks have been pretty crazy and busy and a little stressful but for the most part it's been a pretty good month so far. I mean how can you not be happy that it's the beginning of summer, were not in the drought at the moment, and the cattle are fat! Can't complain about that! I can't remember when or why but I created a list of things that made me happy. Probably one night trying to stay awake at work :) But it's just a list everything that makes my insides all warm and fuzzy and makes my heart sing and I thought I'd share it with you all! So here it is.

1.       Receiving a handwritten letter

2.       Driving in a new place where the landscape is beautiful

3.       Singing to my favorite song on the radio

4.       Falling asleep in my bed listening to the falling rain

5.       The stillness of a snowy winter night

6.       Succeeding in something your passionate about

7.       Taking part in an interesting conversation

8.       Old farm houses with their old wood floors and quiet soundproof nights

9.       Getting Retweeted or a reply from someone "famous" on Twitter

10.    Finding the money in pants or a jacket you haven’t worn in a while

11.    Listening to stories about the good old days

12.    Having a good meal with friends

13.    Reading a good book and finding out it has a sequel

14.    Accidentally hearing someone say something good about you

15.    Waking up in the middle of the night and realizing that you can still sleep a few hours

16.    Observing a sunrise

17.    Watching deer in the woods and being unnoticed

18.    Listening to the song that reminds you of a special time in your life

19.    Witnessing the birth of an animal

20.    Watching Old Movies

21.    Feeling tingling in the stomach when you see that special person

22.    A crisp fall morning

23.    Seeing the people you love happy

24.    To hear that we are loved

25.    Christmas! Music, Food, Lights, Trees, Church

26.    Looking up into the night sky and admiring the millions of stars

27.    Listening to my favorite music Country, Folk Rock, Rap, Etc.

28.    Christmas Eve service at church and singing with friends

29.    Reading my favorite blogs on the internet

30.    Halloween Colors (Purple, Orange, White, Yellow, Black, Green)

31.    The yard covered in a blanket of untouched snow

32.    Going to a rodeo

33.    Easter

34.    Listening to people talk about their passions and seeing the way they light up

35.    Old pictures

36.    Listening to stories about trapping and hunting

37.    Spending time with old friends at livestock shows

38.    Finding someone who shares the same interests as me

39.    The first warm day after a long hard winter

40.    Thunderstorms

41.    Getting autographs

42.    Going to auctions and finding treasurers

43.    Helping a child

44.    Doing something that gets you one step closer to reaching your dreams

45.    Watching old cartoons like Tom and Jerry and the Looney Toons on TV

46.    Cowboys J

47.    Finding quotes that say everything your feeling

48.    Being able to teach someone about something you love

49.    Football games

50.    Trucking songs/movies

51.    Shopping at Craft stores and actually making something with what you buy

52.    Warm flannel sheets with an electric blanket for a cold winter night

53.    Straight Dark Chocolate from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory

54.    Catching up with friends or family I haven’t seen in a while

55.    Writing, blogging, journaling, list making

56.    Taking a walk down a country road

57.    Going on a road trip

58.    Warm summer night complete with a cicada and bull frog choir

59.    Eating smores cooked over a camp fire

60.    Learning about my family history and finding a unique connection to generations past
61.    A Hug
62.   Homemade Pie

63.    A round of golf with a friend
64.    Visiting a Museum and learning about something new
Do some of these things make you happy? What makes you all warm and fuzzy inside or excited?


  1. Great list Erin!!! So many good points!!!! A lot of the same things make me warm and fuzzy!!! By the way - love the new look!!! Very Fun! :)

    1. Thanks Elizabeth! Glad you liked the list and design :)

  2. Awesome list Erin! I am with you on a lot of your ideas.