Friday, November 15, 2013

Happy 1 year Anniversary!!!

A year ago, to the day, I sat down at my computer and created this blog. I never thought of how this little blog could change my life. Through writing on this little blog and following many others I have made connections and friends all over the world and have learned so much about myself and about things I could only dream about. You all have been there through the sad times and the happy times and I can't thank you enough for your feedback and friendships this past year. As of right now 32 people follow my blog on blogger, I have 143 likes on Facebook, and have had over 8000 views. It may not seem like a lot compared to other blogs but this just amazes me and I can't thank you enough!

This brings me to a kind of sad part. A couple of days ago I had every intention of shutting down this blog. But after a couple of talks with some friends I've decided to keep it going. At this point in my life my plate is more than full it's absolutely spilling over. With nursing school, work, and about a million other things I am totally overwhelmed and barely have a single second to breathe. Ever since August I have had no time to put any sort of effort into blogging. I also feel as if I have nothing of any true value to offer anymore. I read so many beautiful blogs and I feel like I can't compete with them. I didn't grow up on a 1,000 acre row crop farm or on the back of a horse on a ranch, I don't travel the country as an advocate for agriculture, I'm not a mom, professional photographer, master crafter, writer, a marathon runner,or really anything special that people seem to want out of a blogger.

Who knows some day down the road I may be one of those things but today is not that day. I'm really at a point in my life where i'm still figuring that stuff out and who I want to be and where I want to go. I will try my hardest to keep this little blog going but don't expect posts every day!! 

So thank you all for sticking with me this past year. It's a year I will never forget. I look forward to seeing where the next year takes us and all the new friends that join in.

God Bless you all and I wish you the very best and again THANK YOU!


  1. Keep on trucking Girl!!!!!!!
    Write about the journey!!!!

  2. Congratulations on your 1 year blogiversary!

    I think nurses are pretty awesome people. There is no way I could be so patient, people oriented and quick thinking all at the same time day after day. It takes a special person to be a nurse.

    Erin, your only competition is yourself. Remember, life doesn’t turns out how we thought it would or what we day dreamed it would be like. Keep your chin up!

  3. Oh sweetie - you have no idea how sad I would be if your blog wasn't here! But I would be lying if I didn't say I've been there myself. I feel more often than not that I don't fit it, that I'm not cool enough, that I'm not interesting enough to warrant a blog. And I totally understand that you need to focus on your schooling right now - and I'm pretty jealous as well! I wish I had taken that path more and more lately as I'm sitting around unemployed without a lead. You are doing what is right for you and that's all that matters. Focus on you and we'll be here when you're done!

  4. Erin,
    It is a difficult process - but trust me when I say, you have SO much to offer - even just the struggle with juggling daily life - you touch so many people and let them know they are not alone. Use the blogging as an outlet and release and to enjoy sharing things! Good luck on school!