Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Pumpkin Roll

A while ago I posted a picture on Facebook of a pumpkin roll that I had made. I got a few comments about the recipe and how to make it so here it is!! Yesterday the college church group I'm involved with had thing called  a Progressive Thanksgiving Meal. What we did was had a 4 course meal but traveled to different locations to eat the different courses. We started at our building for appetizers, we then walked a few minutes to one of the dorm buildings and had salads. We then hopped in several cars and had a convoy and headed out to one of the board members houses where we feasted on the traditional Thanksgiving meal. After that we headed to our ministers house for desserts. I decided to make a pumpkin roll for that. I brought home an empty plate so I think everyone liked it!!
This recipe I got from a great friend of mine. I actually went to her house a couple weeks ago to learn how to make it!! I am so blessed to have so many great cooks in my life! So here is the recipe!!

Pumpkin Roll

In a small bowl combine:

3/4 cup flour
1/2 tspn baking powder
1/2 tspn baking soda
1 tspn pumpkin pie spice
1/4 tspn salt
1 cup sugar
3 Large eggs
2/3 cups pumpkin (or half the can then you can make 2 it works the same)


Take a cookie sheet with sides (not sure the size but probably one that's 9x13x1 or if you have  a jelly roll pan use it) cover it with a sheet of waxed paper/parchment paper and spray it with cooking spray and then dust with flour.

Then pour your batter on to the pan and spread it evenly all over the pan.

Then you bake it for 13-15 minutes in a 375 degree oven.

Once you take it out of the oven let it cool a few min and then very carefully turn it over on to a powdered sugar covered tea towel. Make sure you put it on one of the edges so that it's easy to roll. 


Now you roll the pumpkin roll up tea towel and all and then stick it in the refrigerator for 15 minutes so it can cool.

While it's cooling in the fridge mix up your cream cheese mixture.The recipe for it is...

1 package of cream cheese softened
6 tablespoons softened butter
1 cup powdered sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla extract

This is where I'm a bad person because I stopped taking pictures :( But now all you do is roll your pumpkin roll back out VERY CAREFULLY!!! If it starts to crack just go very slow. Then you spread the cream cheese mixture and then VERY CAREFULLY roll it back up and place it seam down on a plate and serve!! Keep refrigerated. Top with powdered sugar when you are ready to serve.

Oh and a fun tip.... While I was making my pumpkin roll I decided to measure out everything that I would need to make one for our family Thanksgiving. I was going to put it in a zip lock bag all mixed up. Well sitting on the counter was a 32 oz plastic cup from HyVee. It was the perfect size to hold the Ziploc bag open. So while I was measuring the ingredients out for the one I just stuck some in the other and now I have everything ready for Thursday.


  1. Erin! This is the most beautiful, pumpkiny thing to grace my computer screen! I think we might just have to try this one out :)

    Happy Thanksgiving!


    1. Thanks Jessy!! I hope you enjoy it if you do try it!!

  2. If I wasn't already dubbed with "non-pumpkin dessert duties" for both of our Thanksgiving meals I would totally be making this! In the mean time I'm going to pin it for later! Looks delicious!

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. Thanks Jamie!! Happy Thanksgiving to you too!!

  3. That looks really yummy and also really pretty! I've never seen a pumpkin roll that wasn't a hot mess...you are an artist!

  4. I am way to chicken to try making a pumpkin roll! But you make it look attainable! Stopping by from the Country Fair Blog Party!

  5. Wow!!! This looks so good! I have always wanted to do a jelly roll and now that I have seen how to do this, I may just try it! Thanks Erin! *Honey arrived today. Thanks!

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