Monday, November 11, 2013

Call me Crazy!

For many years I have told people some day I would be famous, for what I don't know that yet but I always wanted to be famous. Hopefully not a bad type of famous where the paparazzi is following me around 24-7 but a famous where people see me on the street and want an autograph! How cool would that be! I remember many times where I would sign my name on a piece of paper and give it to people and tell them "hey one day this will be worth millions of dollars!" Yes they thought I was crazy but that just fueled the fire and now I want to prove them wrong! I think one of my teachers told me that she kept the paper I signed. At least one person has hope in me! Like I said I don't know what I will be famous for yet weather it be Bucking bulls, bees, pies, or who knows what but you watch out I'm out to do great things!!

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