Monday, March 24, 2014

2014 Spring Meeting of the Missouri State Beekeepers Association

This weekend I had the opportunity of attending the 2014 spring meeting of the Missouri State Beekeepers association or MSBA. This time it was held at the Lake of the Ozarks at a country club which was pretty fancy. Each year the MSBA holds a meeting in both the spring and the fall so that members from all over the state can get together. They bring in top notch speakers who talk about everything beekeeping related. They also have vendors and display booths. On the first night they have a banquet dinner where in the spring they honor the beekeeper of the year and in the fall they crown the new queen/princess. It's a great event and each year I come away with so much new knowledge and ideas.

Lauren the Queen and I at one of the vendors booths. He dose designs on panels of hive bodies. They were really beautiful.

Us with Dr. Leonid Sharashkin. He was one of the speakers and vendors. He was from Russia and has a very interesting view on beekeeping. Instead of using conventional vertical hives he uses horizontal hives. 

Meeting and greeting :)

The Horizontal hive. 

A book I bought about the horizontal hive. It was edited and translated to English by Dr. Leonid Sharashkin. 

One thing that the Queen and I had to do was on Saturday do a short Patriotic presentation. She read a poem and I made a simple Power Point that reflected what she was saying. I also made these favors to give to all the veterans we recognized. 

I also made some vanilla cupcakes with honey butter cream and honey vanilla Lemonade for the hospitality room. 

The water :) We were on the lake but spent most of the weekend indoors. 

Yes our bathroom in our hotel room had a phone by the toilet!! 


  1. I love the cupcakes! Looks like you had quite a trip.

    1. Thanks!! And yes it was a great trip!