Sunday, March 30, 2014

A Helping Hand

Growing up in a small rural community I've always been taught, and have seen first hand, how to help a neighbor in need. If anyone needed something you dropped what you were doing to help make time for them. Then when you needed something you always knew who to call for help. It's just the way things are. Not only do we help out with our time but even our money and support. In our community we have had several people in need. Weather it be due to a medical illness, someone loosing their house, or a building in our town in disrepair our community comes together to raise the funds needed. I've been amazed at how much money our little town collects to help someone or something in need.

2 weeks ago this Sunday one of our Mennonite neighbors lost both their house and business in a fire. Luckily the family was out of town during the fire and nobody was hurt but they lost absolutely everything. It was very devastating to our community because they are not only very nice people but their business was very successful. It seems like the worst possible things happen to the best people.

Photo Credit Maryville Daily Forum

Now some people after a fire tend to move away and find a new place to make a life but not our neighbors. They began to rebuild immediately. It was actually such a wonderful and amazing thing that happened. So many of their neighbors and friends and family joined together and within 2 weeks they have rebuilt the structure. Now they have decided just to have their woodworking shop and showroom there and build a house else where.

Photo Credit Maryville Daily Fourm

Each day that I drove by and saw their progress it really inspired me and gave me somewhat hope that even in this crazy messed up world there are still people who care to help out their fellow neighbor. Also more importantly God will take care of you in our times of need.

Here is a great article that our local newspaper wrote about them. LINK

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