Saturday, March 1, 2014

Kansas City Farm Show and PBR

Last Sunday was a CRAZY day. Since it was FFA week my old FFA chapter had a breakfast at our local cafe. Since I had helped out quite a bit in high school I wanted to go help again since they were going to be short of help. So I was there from 7-9. The day before I had got to decorate a cake for my Ag advisor. He is going to be retiring this year and so this was his last FFA week. He was very surprised I think!!

Around 9 2 friends of mine and I ran down to Kansas City to spend the rest of the day. We first hit the Western Farm Show. It's basically 4 large rooms full of anything farm related could ever think of. Machinery, fencing supplies, seed companies, vehicles, and about everything else farm. The best part about the Farm Show was running into Laurie from COUNTRY LINKed. Her husband was working the Burrus Seed booth and so she and her family were there too! I wanted to get a pic of us together and so I had my friend take a picture of us. While we were posing all the people walking by were looking at us like we were famous or something. But heck we're internet sensations :) Ha!

Laurie and I 

This guy and his family painted a tractor Pink to honor his wife who died from breast cancer. 

I'd take one of these please :)

After the Farm show we went over to the Sprint Center and watched the PBR. It was great as always!! This was my 3rd year going to Kansas City. I didn't get any autographs this year but had an amazing time!! 


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