Thursday, October 31, 2013

2014 Missouri Honey Princess!!

This weekend was the start to an amazing year as the Missouri Honey Princess. Friday night I got crowned by the 2012-2013 Honey queen. She was the person who inspired me to become the honey princess. I had gotten to travel with her and see her speak at different occasions and it really sparked an interest in me. After myself and the new queen got crowned we had to give a short presentation introducing ourselves and what we looked forward to in the upcoming year. I think my presentation went great. I had a power point with pictures of me with my bees and doing talks. After the crowing ceremony we had a reception where we got to meet and talk with people. After the banquet and reception myself and the new queen got to go make little favors for a veteran's presentation the following morning. This made for a very late night and let me tell you the sun came early!! The next day we attended the different presentations put on by some very knowledgeable beekeepers.

Photo Taken by Eugene Makovec 

Our conference was located in the Lake of the Ozarks at the Lodge of Four Seasons hotel and resort. It was a pretty fancy and neat place to stay at. I played my part as the average tourist with the camera around my neck snapping pictures of the gardens, the beautiful view of the lake, and the interesting wood art around the hotel.

The Japanese Garden (below)

Even the ashtrays are fancy :)

A cool wood carving in the Lobby

A real fire right in the center of the Lobby the smell was heavenly

Yes there was a 3+ story water fall in the middle of the hotel!!! 

View from our room balcony. 

A beautiful Russian beehive. Instead of having multiple layer's of boxes they have bigger frames and are all in one box. Very interesting and beautiful. 

Now it's off to Louisville to get my American Degree!!!! Post will be up soon about that :)

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