Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A little golf is great for the soul!!

Well the past few days have been very stressful for me! A lot of stuff with school has been bringing me down and really stressing me out! One of my classes I wasn't doing to hot in and ended up withdrawing from it because there was no way I would have ever passed it and I needed a decent grade to keep this big scholarship I won. Like my mom told me earlier today dropping that class really took a big weight off my shoulders and I can focus better on keeping good grades in my other classes.

Now that the weather is wonderful out I've been able to do more things outside and one of those being going golfing! If you would have asked me about 6 years ago what my thoughts on golf were I would have told you that it's a stupid sport that's boring to watch on TV and a waste of time! Well......my freshman year of high school I got the wild hair to join the golf team. I had NEVER picked up a golf club, other than at miniature golf, before my freshman year. Well it turns out golf wasn't that bad and I got to be kind of good. I wasn't exceptional really but I got good enough that I won a few matches, qualified for sectionals twice and got to compete at state my senior year.

This is the golf course I go to the most. This was our "home" course for high school. We had to travel about 20 min to go to practice every day. But it's a wonderful course to play on. The course is designed around a lake.

I realized that unlike the other sports at school golf is a sport that you play for yourself. You don't have to rely on other people on a team and the only person you can blame for doing poorly is yourself. I liked that aspect of it because it gave me a chance to really push and challenge myself to do good. One Saturday before the state tournament I was out on a Saturday morning at the driving range practicing. I was the only person out there when my coach drove up. He walked out and said "A true champion is someone alone on the driving range." That really fired me up and made me so proud of myself for working hard enough to qualify for state. I didn't do the greatest while I was down at state but heck I was one of only 80 some girls in the whole state of Missouri playing at the State tournament!!

So today I was sitting around home and flipped on the TV and found they were doing coverage of the Masters all day and so I was watching as they were interviewing the guys and watching them while they practiced. It really made me want to go out and play so I grabbed my sisters clubs (mine are in my dads truck which is conveniently not here!) and went out to the driving range to hit a bucket of balls!

It is so relaxing and therapeutic to be outside at the golf course on such a beautiful day. It is probably one of my favorite things to do. A lot of the golf courses I've gotten to play on are so beautiful which is an added bonus! I have had many bad days turned into great days on the golf course.
This picture was taken this past February. My sister and a friend of ours went out on one of the decent days we had this winter and played for FREE at our golf course. They were closed due to winter and said if we wanted to play we could just go out and play. But the pic above is of the beautiful sunset we experienced while we were out there. How can you not smile when you have the chance to experience Gods beauty around you!! It always makes me laugh when you see on TV that wives are always mad at their husbands for going golfing all the time. Heck I bet you anything I'll either be out there with him or out there more than him!!
I hope that you all go out at least once and try golf. Weather you do well or not it's still lots of fun to just go out and play!! I guarantee you will love it!
Have a great week everyone!! 


  1. Love to golf! Of course, I haven't for years ( we won't mention how many)...but am slowly but surely getting back into the swing of things (no pun intended!).

    1. That's the great thing unlike any other sport offered in high school golf is something you can play forever and pick up and put down when ever.

  2. Love golf courses...especially fun to visit the ones in different landscapes when we travel...Alas! not a good golfer, but I'll agree: its a great way to get your mind off whatever rut its in....

    1. That is definitely a perk. They are all so beautiful!!