Friday, April 19, 2013

Favorite Finds Friday

Here is the second half of the questions. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and I hope it warms up and the sun comes out for everyone!!

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16. There are so many awesome people I want to meet and talk to (including several of my fellow bloggers) but since I have to pick just one that person would have to be Chase Cervi. He is a pickup man for the PRCA and he and his brother and cousin run Cervi Championship Rodeo Company. The few PRCA rodeos that I've been to have been produced by the Cervi's and Chase has been a pick up man. His skills as a horseman are just amazing to watch and are one of my favorite parts of the rodeos.  I would love to sit down and learn about his knowledge as a stock contractor and cowboy.

17. This is a very hard one because I love music and lots and lots of songs but the song that I listen to all the time over and over again would have to be "Coal Miners Daughter" by the one and only Loretta Lynn. I love that woman and her voice and that song end of period. I love a lot of other songs too but I could only pick one. I also love to sing that song (in the car by myself!!).


18. Not much of a video gamer hear. We had a play station 1 and that was it up until Christmas of 2011 I think when we got an Xbox 360 with Kinect. With that we only had like 3 games we ever played that was Crash Bandicoot, a Rugrats (yes the kids show), and a bowling game.  The best out of those three would have to be the Crash Bandicoot. Lots of fun :)


19. I'm sure you could guess this one :) Country of course!! Preferably a huge sprawling ranch with a ranch style house or log cabin with a beautiful porch with rocking chairs somewhere out west with hundreds of head of cattle and horses. That's the dream!


20. Hmm. It would have to be Curling. I think that's quite interesting and something rather different.

21. Well I'm kind of in love with the show Nashville right now. It's pretty good. So well go with that.

22. Cinnamon Jolly Ranchers nothing really comes anywhere close! I like pretty much any thing with cinnamon flavoring though. But my late uncle use to always have them and then my grandma would always keep them at her house and I've been hooked ever since.

23. Sleep. With school and work I find many days that I go well over 24 hours without sleep and it sucks! Since I work the nigh shift I get home at 6 in the morning and if I want to do something that day I usually stay up but then I have to work that night so I go along time with out sleeping and feel like I never get enough!

24. This is hard because so many things I like I get from both. I'm more like my dad in the sense of liking the whole farm thing and rodeos ever since I've been able to walk I've been outside helping him. But my mom introduced me to cooking, books, music and so many of the great things that I enjoy as well. So I'd say I'm an equal blend of both of them :)

25. I can yodel. HA just kidding wouldn't that be cool though!!! I know some sign language like the alphabet and We Wish you a Merry Christmas (did it for a school Christmas program with a friend) and some common words and phrases. At one point in my life I wanted to be a teacher for deaf kids and I wanted to be fluent in sign language.

26. Heck no because that meant the people I stock would know I stock them :) JK I probably wouldn't really care one way or the other.

27. Well by then I will be 25 I will have hopefully graduated LPN and RN school and maybe have my BSN by then. If all that happens I would be looking for a job preferably somewhere cool like Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Alaska or as a traveling nurse. I might have me a serious man by then. A handsome cowboy of course ;) I might even own a bull or two you never know. That would be where I would like to be with my life but who knows what will happen between here and now.

28. Farmer, farrier, cowboy, history teacher, teacher for the deaf, auctioneer, weather man, chef, geologist, stock contractor, doctor, nurse, professional goat shower, veterinarian, a animal geneticist, Ag teacher, librarian, stay at home mom, truck driver, clothing designer, zoo keeper, architect, livestock show judge, and probably a million other things. I've changed my mind so many times I'm surprised nurse has stuck!

29. BOOK!! At any given point of any day I am reading at least 3 different books. No joke! I love them so much!! They have been my best friend, therapist, made me cry, made me laugh, made me forget about what's going on in my life, introduced me to parts of the world I could only dream about going to or living, made me fall in love with characters, places, and history, and have taught me so many lessons in life! There will be a room in my house full of books and a comfy chair.

30. My Laptop. Even though it craps out on me everyday sometimes. I say it over my phone because I can do everything I do on my phone on my computer except call and text but I don't really do much of either one of those things. The phone just makes it handier. But you can't type on a cell phone like you can on a computer and to me typing is very therapeutic.


  1. I have a friend that is fluent in sign language!! Your the only other person that I have heard want to learn it!! That is so cool :)

    1. I have tried to learn other languages and I am just terrible at remembering everything but when I've sat down to learn sign language I can remember it and it's just so fun to learn. But I had a friend who's mom was a sign language teacher at the college in our town and being around them and seeing how they could have a whole conversation without everyone else knowing was pretty cool too.

  2. Love Loretta Lynn! I never know what to think about the Cervi's, they have great horses and then they have crazy horses- I would love to know their thought process behind the whole business...I think I can relate to at least half of your job aspirations! ha maybe someday you'll look back on your life and see you were able to do some of those things! :)

  3. My dad is legally dead so I know some sign language. I wish I knew more.

    I really liked these questions. So fun getting to know you better!

    1. Thanks Suzi I'm glad you've enjoyed the posts!!