Thursday, April 18, 2013

My new camera!!

Well my camera came today instead of Saturday and I am sooooooooooooooooo in love with it!! It is amazing!! Of course the first thing I had to take a picture of was my dog Duke!! Then I went outside and took some pictures of the other livestock and scenery. Hopefully there will be a nicer day in the near future for some prettier pics but here are a few of my pictures I took today.

This isn't cropped but just a really zoomed in picture of his whiskers :) I'm having too much fun with this camera!!

Our Lowline bull.

Our little calf

Our yearling heifer trying to be funny by sticking out her tongue

Our miniature donkey Barney in his little house. He reminds me so much of Eeyore from Winie the Pooh.

While I was outside a plane few over head so I tried to shoot a pic of it and it kind of worked!!

Here is about the only bird that was out on this cold day. I'm pretty sure it's a wood pecker.

I was standing on the bridge to our creek that runs next to our property and I snapped this pic of my bee hives from a good distance away.

Our creek full of water!!

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