Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Throughout the Years

For as long as I can remember I have spent my Easter doing the exact same thing. We start out getting up bright and early to go to sunrise service at church which is usually around 6:30. Following the sunrise service we enjoy a wonderful home cooked breakfast by my church family. Then we head up to my Great aunt and uncles on my dad's side for dinner and some family time.

One of the traditions that we have done every single year is to take a picture out on the steps with all the cousins. It's fun to go back through some of the pictures from many many years ago. It's hard to believe that me and my cousin Renae are in college, my sister Rachel and cousin Greg are graduating from high school next month, and my cousin Patrick is a sophomore and cousin Abby is in Jr. high. We were saying that before we knew it we would be hiding eggs for our kids to find which is a very scary thought!  Here are some pictures from throughout the years!

Easter 2000 (Look at how little we were!)

Easter 2002
This was from Easter 2006
Easter 2011 

Easter 2013!
Now something that you need to know about my cousins and I is that we are all farm kids. I went out on the porch to get something and looked down and noticed that all of our shoes (except Patrick with his purple basketball shoes) were boots. So I snapped this pic :)

Now there's a rule that if you know your going to be with this group of cousins you NEED to bring a change of clothes because you never know what your going to get into. Almost every time we were together when we were younger we would go up into the barn loft and play. One year we went shed (deer antlers) hunting. One year I helped my aunt pull a lamb. One Christmas we decided to go sledding and didn't have a change of clothes we were all running around in my uncles clothes while our clothes were in the dryer. But we always seemed to have a good time and find something on the farm to do to entertain us.

One sad thing was that a couple years ago they decided that we were "too old" to hunt for Easter eggs. I guess when you get into high school and college your too mature for egg hunting. BLAH BLAH BLAH!! So my cousin and I decided that we would fill eggs, sneak them up there, and then hide them. Well we were busy doing other things so we just divided the eggs up and still ended up with the candy!! All in all it was a pretty great day!

My Loot!
I hope everyone had a great Easter filled with Faith, Family, and great Food!


  1. I went to sunrise service growing up and don't necessarily miss it..Jesus doesn't rise til 11 at our church in TX! I laughed at the pics with coats- crazy spring weather :)

    1. Yes getting up that early isn't that fun especially since I go even earlier to help cook! And yes some years it's been nice and others we have had coats and froze. Yesterday was nice but really windy!