Friday, April 12, 2013

Favorite Finds Friday

Like any other day I was scanning Pinterest trying to pass some time when I came across this pin that really interested me. It's original purpose was to be questions for a road trip but I though it would be a fun way to get to know me a little better. I'm going to split up the questions and just do the first 15 this week and then the last 15 next week. I hope you enjoy! You never know we may have more in common than we think ;)

This is the original pin VIA
1. For me I want to travel EVERYWHERE but there is one place that I will visit if not live at before I die that is Alaska. I watch so many shows and have read so many books about Alaska that I fall in love with it more and more each time. There is something about living in the wild and in nature and the peacefulness that draws me there. There are just not enough words to describe my love with Alaska. I know you may think it's crazy since I've never been there but I have this extreme connection with it an I will go there someday!!

2. For this question I hate sharing my name ideas with people because if I tell them they might hate them so I'm just going to name my kids what I want and then if they don't like them too bad! Another thing is that I like names that are different, not crazy, but a little different. A name I came across a little bit ago watching a rodeo is Cheyne (Cheyne Olney- cowboy for PRCA). It's pronounced Shane but spelled different and I really liked that. I have other name ideas that I've came across, mostly inspired by books, but I'll keep them under wraps for awhile longer :)

3. This is easy- Sweet Home Alabama, Lonesome Dove, The Waitress, 8 seconds (Sorry I know that's 4 but I couldn't not pick one of them). I could watch those movies over and over again and I have!! I can probably quote Sweet Home Alabama to a T. There are many more movies but these are the ones that are the best!

4. Best Meal I've ever eaten.... hard one for sure since I've ate some great food over the years but... The best meal that will always be is my Grandmas homemade chicken and noodles with mashed potatoes. Nothing on the planet can beat them. Every time we went to her house she knew to have those at least once while we were there because she knew they were our favorite! My mom and I have made them and they have been very good but they aren't grandmas noodles :)

5. Easiest question on the list!! I'm sure you all probably know this already and have a pretty good guess. My favorite class was AG. I was lucky enough to have it all 4 years and honestly if I wasn't going to be a nurse I would be an Ag teacher. I had an awesome teacher and enjoyed getting to be involved with FFA through that class. The favorite Ag class I took was animal science. We got to go out and preg check cows, semen test a bull, learn how to AI, and make our own branding irons. Fun I know LOL! That's just the kind of stuff I like :)

6. I like orange pop. If it's ever a choice I pick it. But I'm trying not to drink any pop so I will push  my love of orange pop out of my heart :(

7. Ok this is an easy question too. I would be a stock contractor. Bulls, broncs, steers the whole nine yards. Hopefully I will be able to do a little bit of that on the side someday (hopefully full time) but if I can't then I would at least want to work for a contractor. I really want to be a nurse too but my heart and true passion is with rodeo and bulls and it's something I think about almost everyday. I am trying right now to learn everything that I can so that when the day comes I am ready to go. It will happen someday!

8.This is a tough one. There are a lot of people who inspire me but each for different reasons. Mesa Pate and Paige Stout are amazing women who raise bucking bulls. LeAnn Hart is also involved with bucking bulls and a very strong believer in God. Several of you bloggers I follow inspire me the most you all live some amazing lives that I could only dream of and you have some very inspiring posts that keep me going and working towards my dreams. My parents who have introduced me to the things I've loved and have supported me through everything. Really there are so many people in my life that inspire me.

9. I would stow it away. I am always saving money for something and right now I'm saving up for a trip to Wyoming/Colorado for this summer.

10. Um. All of them LOL. Give me any outside chore to do and I'm fine but indoor chores I don't particularly like.

11. I would say qualifying for State golf but I wasn't that great while I was there. So getting my State FFA Degree is my proudest moment. Out of all the state degrees in the country Missouri has the hardest one to get (that's a fact not just trying to brag). In order to get your State Degree you have to be very active in FFA and have a lot of Leadership points, community service, and money earned and invested. I actually applied my junior year in high school but didn't have enough points but I got it my senior year. It has been probably my biggest accomplishment ever.

12. I'm scared of a lot of things bears, mountain lions, snakes but the 1 thing that I'm most scared of is the future. There are so many things that could happen or not happen that scare me half to death. I guess all I can do is trust in the plan that God has for me and just take it 1 day at a time.

13. When I was in either preschool or day care.

14. 2 things: My hair- it's crazy and frizzy and I hate it. and  My height- I'm short and I would like to be at least a few inches taller.

15. This is another easy one it would be the 1800's. I love history and my favorite part of it was the 1800's with the pioneers, cowboys, frontiersman, mail order brides, courting, cattle ranches, trappers, Oregon trail, and homesteading that is my cup of tea. Chances are if you catch a look at what I'm reading it is 99% of the time going to be a book about one of those things. But I also love the 40's and 50's but just not as much as the 1800's.


  1. Okay, I decided that we can time travel back to the homesteading days together but you can drop me off on the Oregon trail and continue to Alaska without me ha! My fear of bears etc. keeps me from even wanting to venture out that far in the wilderness..and I am glad you are going into nursing even though you will hopefully be a stock contractor..Wyatt and I have this conversation probably nightly, about rodeoing for a living, etc. Honestly, I'm not all that excited to be graduating and working full time but I will be able to support what he wants to do and that will be good enough for me. He was going to go to nursing school before we met (and then he followed me to TX so I could go to school) but hopefully you can get a nursing job that allows you to work 12 hour shifts for a few days, then have a few days off. Realistically it's a great career to get into if you want to pursue the stock contracting as a hobby on the side to start out with..not that I know anything about anything but I totally hear ya, having one path to make a realistic sustainable living, and then have another dream path..hopefully they will come together, sorry for the rambling :) Hope you have a great weekend!

    1. OH I'm deathly afraid of bears too! That's probably the biggest thing that would keep me from moving there!! And yes that's the plan work a few days a week haul bulls/rodeo stock on the weekends :) Don't worry about the rambling!! I love hearing from everyone and I feel like I ramble sometimes on peoples blogs! You have a great weekend too!!!

  2. Love learning more about you Erin. Great answers! Now you do have me worried! I have two girls and I don't want their first kiss to be until they are 25! ;) Just kidding. They can't get married until they are at least 25. Laurie

    1. LOL don't worry those preschool relationships never do work out you move on to bigger and better things in elementary school!!! :)

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    1. Thanks Cassi! I'd love to hear some of your answers....hint hint :)