Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Weird, Unique, Special

Yesterday Liz from Buckaroo Barbie posted a post titled Weird and she described several things that she enjoyed or that made her unique! She encouraged everyone to write about their oddities. So I thought i'd give this a shot. I wrote a similar post awhile back where I listed thing that make me happy. (Here) I encourage all of you to share what makes you different and unique!!! I'd love to hear them. If you do it please put the link to your post in the comments section and I'll check them out!!

I absolutely with the biggest passion in the world hate sweet or hot tea. I can't stomach the stuff. Unsweetened Ice tea on the other hand I could live off of.

Some days when I'm in class and feeling stressed out, instead of listening to the teacher, I scan the internet for recipes and blogs about baking and dream about opening a bakery where I make cookies, pies, and cupcakes all day!

In tough situations I tend to psych myself out and think about the worst possible thing that can happen.

With everything in the world going on today, I find myself thinking many times a day how nice it would be to own a big chuck of land somewhere in the middle of nowhere and just be alone..... or maybe with a cute cowboy :)

I always regret watching Junk Gypsies!!! It makes me CRAZY!! I just want to go out and buy lots and lots of junk and do cool things with them :( I WISH I HAD MY OWN HOUSE TO DECORATE!!!!!!

I would rather spend my money on a new shot gun and ammunition than makeup and Sperry's.

I'm in love with and wish I grew up in the 50's. The colors, the cars, the music, the clothes, and the kitchens just make me swoon.

I collect cookbooks. The older and more worn out the better :) I already have around 40.

If you were to follow me in my car you would see me stop along side the road in many places. I try to take my camera everywhere and so I stop and take pictures of things all the time.

These are only a few things that makes me weird or unique :) I do hope you all share some of your oddities. 

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  1. You are so not weird!! Some of these sound just like me! I had no idea you had 40 cookbooks! Have you used the one that you got with me?