Tuesday, April 15, 2014

30DOB Day 14: Pet Peeves

Not a hard one. Lot's of things bother me or tick me off.

  1. Being Late. I try to be early everywhere I go. Everyday for class i'm there around an hour early. I feel that if i'm not rushed I can get all my stuff out and go over that day's agenda. If I wake up late or get anywhere late it just throws off my whole day. I also don't like late people. I mean if I tell you that i'm going to be somewhere at a certain time you best be there too. I have probably 1000 other things to be doing and I chose you so don't waste my time!
  2. Fake Country/farm people. Ugg don't get me started. There are so many girls and boys who are so fake and claim they are country and it just makes me mad. Sure I get the appeal to want to put off the country image of a hard working, honest, family oriented person but so many people don't. They wear their fake boots, hats, and shorty shorts and go out and say their country. I bet none of them would last a day on the farm. 
  3. When people tell me what to do. I am the type of person who likes to do something by myself. If anyone tries to butt in and tell me to do something else I hate it. I'd rather make the mistakes on my own than have someone tell me "your gonna do that wrong, here do this". Just leave me alone! 
  4. Drama. YUCK! When people intentionally try to start crap and start hating on other people it just disgusts me. I just wished everyone got along. 
  5. When people burp in public. I do not need to hear your bottle functions thank you very much. Go to a different room or outside if you are going to burp. I know some of the most disgusting people who burp and fart constantly in places I really don't think are very appropriate. 

I could go on and on but i'll stop there. These are some of the major ones. 

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  1. Haha I agree with all of your things, but I'm usually the person who is running late :( Not terribly, but not usually super early! I also HATE the fakers when it comes to being "country" or whatnot. I like to say if your boots (the work boots, not the nice town boots of course) have never seen real mud or manure no way you could be country!