Sunday, April 6, 2014

30DOB Day 6: The Perfect Sunday

For me most Sundays are the same and they are usually not that fun. I work 10 pm- 6 am so I get home around 6 am. sleep until 10 ish drag myself out of bed and try to make myself presentable for church. Then I get home from church around 12 and then it's back to bed until 4. I get ready for work at the pizza place and am there until 8 pm. Then it's home watch some Amazing Race (GO COWBOYS!!!!) and then it's off to bed! Not fun at all :( Since my normal routine is rather boring I've also come up with what my dream Sunday would be!

The Perfect Sunday:

The perfect Sunday for me begins not with an alarm clock blaring in my ear but rather the sun hitting my face. 

A bountiful breakfast of french toast, bacon, and eggs is awaiting me downstairs. 

We are then off to church to praise our lord with beautiful song and prayer. 

After church we have no place to be, no people to cater to, or a homework assignment due. I have time to relax with a good book, bake a pie, or heaven for bid take a nap! 

In the late afternoon there's time for a Sunday drive around the back country roads. Just admiring the beauty of the early spring day and snapping a few pictures of nature.

Then it's back home to share a meal with family or friends just admiring each other's company. 

Then it's off to bed to prepare our bodies and minds for the week ahead. 

Ah tis just a dream! If only, if only it were actually that way. 


  1. That sounds like an awesome Sunday! I wish they were that relaxing!

  2. aww love it! i'm jealous you go to church, i really want to. just lack motivation and right now i'm pretty much hiding from the world. someday i'll get back at it!